Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sexy Singing Dominates Wild Gay Men’s Chorus Concert


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Lots of bare skin and animated singing dominated two, sold-out performances of the huge San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus on July 30-31 at the elegant Balboa Theatre downtown.

Over 150 of the hottest men in town, from pretty-boys to seniors, literally filled the large stage under the baton of veteran conductor Gary Holt.

The chorus is no choir in church. These guys rock! They have the skills of trained, experienced singers and the animated energy of teenagers. They have amazingly dramatic diversity, both in ages and races.

And they are sexy!

The chorus dressed formally in white shirts and ties for the first half, but went totally casual in the second; with one singer in full-face make-up as a witch; and others revealing lots of skin while singing.

The show was called Guy Tunes and promoted as “the best of the boy bands,” largely from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

The standing-room-only audience literally roared their enthusiasm for the Saturday night show, especially when things got blatantly sexy.

Not only are these guys fabulous singers, they can dance really well too; with precision choreography by Joey Landwehr, easily equal to Vegas singing and dancing.

There was a heavy dose of flagrant sexuality in many of the numbers, especially when guys stepped down from the chorus and danced while they sang.

Gay pride dominated the dancing accompanying many numbers on the very full concert program.

As they sang a number about surfers, some of the guys stripped down to swimsuits off stage and brought down the house in a wild frenzy as they danced as hot surfer boys.

“I’ve never seen so many of the guys get undressed,” conductor Holt said comically between songs.

For some songs, several singers even changed into skin-tight white pants that showed bulging baskets, to the roaring delight of the audience dominated by seniors.

The show closed with the Village People’s very Gay song, “Y-M-C-A.” Like the original Village People, the singers were costumed in everything from a sailor suit to a muscular Native Ameri-can, with full Indian headdress, wearing only a skimpy loincloth showing mostly everything off of his very muscular, slender, smooth, pretty-boy body.

The fantasies his nearly naked body created fit the character of the song “Y-M-C-A.”

In the 1960’s, YMCA’s were notoriously Gay (especially the Embarcadero Y on San Francisco’s waterfront), with young guys roaming the hallways in underwear and horny roomers leaving their doors open to encourage erotic encounters.

In explaining that the Gay Men’s Chorus recently performed with the San Diego Symphony’s Summer Pops concert, conductor Holt humorously noted, “Nobody knows show tunes like the Gays.”

Gay singers can learn about joining the chorus by sending an e-mail to: or calling (877)296-7664. Their Web site is

Photo Captions:

A close-up of an energetic, animated singer in the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus July 31 performance in the elegant Balboa Theatre. Photo by Leo E. Laurence.

Skin and energized, erotic singing dominated the July 31 per-formance of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus. Photo by Leo E. Laurence.