Tuesday, December 07, 2010

D.A. Had to Lie to Win on Proposition 19

story and photos by LEO E. LAURENCE, J.D.
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Copyright © 2010 by Leo E. Laurence • All rights reserved

PHOTOS: Last-minute Election Day campaigning for Prop. 19

District attorney Bonnie Dumanis led the successful campaign to defeat Proposition 19; the ballot initiative to tax, regulate and control cannabis. But the “honorable” Dumanis had to lie to do it.

In a published statement in the San Diego Union-Tribune, she made seven blatant lies, from claiming Proposition 19 would mean zero revenue to state and local governments, to falsely saying passengers in a vehicle on the freeway could smoke marijuana.

Official state estimates revealed that Proposition 19 would have brought nearly two billion dollars in new revenues to local and state governments, when they are all burdened by huge deficits.

But now the “honorable” Dumanis can continue to put people in prison for having only one joint, and can fill her bloated budget with money to fight her totally failed “War on Drugs.”

Proposition 19 would have provided “hundreds of millions” in new revenues to San Diego and Sac-ramento for teachers, police, firefighters and libraries; according to state officials.

It would not have grandly “legalized” all use of marijuana, but permitted it only in the limited privacy of your home.

The D.A. had to lie to win!