Friday, January 01, 2010

Cute Adam Lambert Will Probably Shock the World Again … “With the Right Song,” He Says

by LEO E. LAURENCE • Copyright © 2009 by San Diego News Service • All rights reserved

Photos from Adam Lambert‘s Web site

Gay San Diegan Adam Lambert is like a heavily controlled rocket being launched from Cape Canaveral, and heading for the stars. The 27-year old singer and Mt. Carmel High School graduate, who looks much younger in person, recently appeared at the Hard Rock Café in the Gaslamp Quarter.

He was donating to the Hard Rock Café’s memorabilia collection the very Gay leather vest, jeans and handmade platform boots that he wore during his performance with KISS in the “American Idol” finale that made his famous.

Lambert is fast becoming a huge hero to millions of Gays worldwide. He pushed the envelope while performing erotic lyrics Nov. 22 on the “American Music Awards.”

Lambert told me that he was doing far less erotically than many female singers do in their per-formances, and media executives (many of whom are closeted) were upset because Lambert’s performance was overly Gay.

Meeting a Star!

The event at the Hard Rock Café was carefully controlled and scripted, but he seemed comfortable. The very large, open and modernistic lobby of the venue was oddly filled with screaming teenybopper girls, but very few young Gay guys.

One area of the lobby was roped off for Lambert’s appearance. He entered slowly, with his PR agent closely escorting him and limiting everyone to whom the rising star spoke.

Fortunately, being an accredited journalist for San Diego News Service, I was able to get very close to him for a taped interview.

Lambert is a very soft-spoken guy. I expected the silky-soft skin of a guy who looks only 19.

But I noticed the skin on his neck looked tough as leather after years of heavy make-up. When we shook hands, however, I felt like I was touching the finest and softest silk.

When I was intimately close to Mr. Lambert for a taped interview, I felt strongly in my gut that this very cute, young Gay performer was exuding and telegraphing powerful, erotic energy.

Yet, when he answered my blunt questions, he answered bluntly and what seemed to me to be extraordinary honesty.

If anybody can open up the world of entertainment to Gay culture, it is Adam Lambert: a real “man” with lots of guts.

With more polished, professional handlers, he could easily become a bigger star, and quickly.

The mainstream media love him, perhaps because Lambert is so openly Gay.

He’s mentioned twice (with a performing photo) in the December 28 issue of Time magazine.

Do It Again?

Lambert really pushed the Gay button at the American Music Awards, and with the right erotic lyr-ics, we can expect him to do it again.

“I think I pushed the envelope in that one performance because of the lyrics of the song. Eroticism is what they were about.

“I think that it always comes down the song itself. If the lyrics are risqué, then the performance might be risqué.

“But fortunately, that pretty much was the only risqué song in the album. I think that was a one-time thing,” Lambert said in my recorded interview.

Might he mimic Gay sex on stage again?

“It depends on the situation. Maybe in the future. Again, it depends on the song,” he said softly.

Help for Local Gay Youth Groups

Lambert is Gay and proud of it. He’s also a local San Diegan. During my taped interview with him, I explained that there are a LOT of Gay youths in San Diego that love what he is doing.

Lambert is fast becoming their hero.

I asked the sexy star if he’d be willing to help local Gay youth groups?

“Yes, I’d like to do that,” he said softly and firmly!

Interested Gay youth groups can contact this reporter to make arrangements (619) 757-4909 or

Lambert is proud to be a San Diegan and likes to visit his family and see familiar sights.

Likes Black — “It’s Sexy”

In the crush of the crowd of crazy young guys who adore him, I was pushed up close, as he was showing off two HUGE rings on his right hand.

“these are loaners,” he said, almost in a sexy whisper when asked about his huge rings. “I don’t know what they are,” he added, holding up his right hand to show off the rings.

That’s when I noticed that he was wearing black nail polish, a black suit, heavy black eye makeup and has dark, black hair.

“Do you like black?” I asked.

Suddenly he turned and looked directly at me and away from his admiring circle of screaming girls. It was as if I had suddenly struck a nerve with my question.

His voice became louder and firmer.

“I do like dark colors,” he said looking deep into my eyes with his.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It’s sexier. Yeah,” he answered, looking at me for the longest time.

Unadulterated Sex

Adam Lambert now has an album out, and it’s sexy. San Diego News Service obtained a copy of a conceptual document used by the Ray Kay company that produced his video, For Your Entertainment.

“The photography will capture a sexier feeling,” the conceptual paper states.

“Adam leads the band in a stylized. rock performance that kicks ass,” the document by director Ray Kay (revised 11/11/09) says.

For Your Entertainment debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart.

Contact reporter Leo Laurence at or (619) 757-4909.