Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letters to the Editor, Zenger’s, January 2009

Dear Mr. President Elect Obama,

I voted for you. I VOTED for you. I VOTED for YOU!!!

Dear Mr. Obama,,

Mr. Clinton waited until he took office before he crapped on the Gay and Lesbian citizens of the United States.

Dear Mr. Obama,

Having a Right-wing preacher give the invocation at your inauguration may at first glance appear to be “inclusion” to “mend bridges,” but then, where is David Duke? Shouldn’t he be speaking in order to bring the white supremacists into the great tent of inclusion? He says the Bible condones slavery, but by today’s rationalizations he should be included.

Dear Mr. Obama,

Reverend Rick Warren says that my love is akin to child rape. Well, some in these United States still believe the Bible forbids interracial marriage. I believe they say such marriages “water down the white race by breeding with monkeys.” How are Mr. Warren’s foul beliefs any different? He also points to 5,000 years of male/female marriage as a reason that Gays and Lesbians cannot marry; to him history is against Gay marriage. Well, Mr. Obama, slavery has been around for 5,000 years; would you say that is reason enough to practice slavery?

Dear Mr. Obama,

Here in Texas, so-called Christian leaders who are Black use the disgusting phrase, “It’s my skin, not my sin,” to spread their vile anti-Christian hatred of Gays and Lesbians. Can you stand by and allow Black leaders to behave so? By including a homophobe in your inauguration, are you not giving these leaders a green light that their hateful speech is acceptable?

Dear PRESIDENT-elect Obama,

I voted for you. I VOTED for you. I VOTED for YOU!!!! Do you care?

Moksha Todd

Fort Worth, Texas


[RE: “Obama and the Economy,” “First Word” column, Zenger’s, December 2008:] Contrary to what you've written, I think you really have to cherry-pick the stats to support the argument that the Bradley effect occurred in this general election at all, much less that it occurred to the tune of five percent. You wrote that Obama won by 5 1/2, when he in fact won by 7. And of the major national polls specifically comprised of likely voters, only Gallup and ABC had their final polls showing Obama with the double-digit margin you cite. CNN, Zogby, Pew Research, Rasmussen and NBC all had Obama winning by between 6 and 8 in their final polls, which is exactly what happened. You seem to be relying upon the outliers to support that argument, while disregarding where the bulk of the data falls.

Michael M. Welch

via e-mail