Wednesday, September 03, 2008


“Since when is it racist to resist invasion?”

RE: “There’s No Such Thing as an ‘Illegal Immigrant,’” Zenger’s, August 2008:

Your assertion that nobody can be illegal requires a response. While it’s true that our federal Constitution states that all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty, the word “proven” cannot be verified if that person has entered the country carrying fradulent papers. Such documents as a driver’s I.D. or Social Security card can be purchased from crooked vendors and used as a valid I.D. just as the government-issued document. These forged documents are not easily distinguished from genuine ones. To attempt to use the term “undocumented immigrants” in reference to such persons, therefore, becomes inaccurate since few can tell which is what. We are only left with the term “illegal alien” since, if the person were legally here, why, then, do they carry bogus documents?

The media or the Minutemen tell the truth when using “illegal alien” and are not being racist. Furthermore, Rep. Duncan Hunter is owed an apology for being called a “crude racist” simply because he is responding to his constituents demands he do something about the steady stream of border jumpers invading the United States by building a fence to keep these unwanted trouble makers out. Since when is it racist to resist invasion? Was President Madison a racist for driving the British out of New Orleans in 1814? Are the Georgians being racist to resist the Russian hordes? Maybe the media should call Putin’s army party crashers? Get real.

Finally, I think such Thought Police as Leo Laurence should consult the First Amendment of our Constitution before they pose as experts on the law. In it persons are guaranteed free speech to say what they think or print. His attempt to censor words just because he finds them offensive is corrupt and heavy handed. Better yet, he should join La Raza and write propaganda for them, as it appears this is where his true sympathies lie.

John Primavera

North Park


“I must support any war that keeps Sharia law from taking over … ”

An open letter to Senator Barack Obama:

Senator Obama, it could be that you have a conflict within your supporters over what may be the most important issue, national security.

And it could be that you are only hearing, for instance, the “Gay” view from a small, elitist, professional “Gays” crowd that do not represent the vast majority of homosexual voters.

I am a homosexual, liberal Democrat, and I have common sense. I may only know what I read in the newspapers, but what I know is that where Islam controls, they are killing homosexuals.

Therefore, it is clear to me that I must support any war that keeps Sharia law from taking over, any place. I think too many “Gays” only read the slick Gay publications that ignore our issues and try to sell us expensive cars, clothing and cover only “Gay” “entertainment”, most of which is by non-Gays. I see little on the “Gay’ network (LOGO) that helps our community/movement — what I see are old movies.

I’m not saying you should not use these resources, but don’t think you have reached the vast majority of homosexual voters, or our friends, neighbors, families, allies by reading The Advocate.

It is good to get same-sex marriage, but that will be of no value if we allow Muslims to take over our government and impose Sharia law. (Obviously that is true of extremist “Christians” too, including the “religious” preacher person from New Orleans that just lost a lawsuit in Wisconsin where he suggested, in some way, that listeners should shoot homosexuals.) But homosexuals, I say again, are being killed in Islamic countries.

To quibble over whether or not Iraq is worse off now than before is nonsense when we should not be bringing the troops home — the “heterosexual” troops (since our nation still fears homosexuals as much as Islamists so we are, in theory, not allowed to fight for our country even when we would suffer more under Islamic control than heterosexuals, although women would also) — but sending them to Afghanistan actually to fight the people who attacked us and are still in control makes discussion of when to withdraw, etc, irrelevant.

How to stop sending our money to enemies like Saudi Arabia (for oil) I can’t help you with. But I tell you security may hurt you if you only listen to those who want you to be an idealist and ignore reality.

Something these young “Gays,” making lots of money running Gay organizations don’t know is that our community/movement has succeeded beyond our wildest imagination, because our pioneers did NOT work for money or power, but for their beliefs in change within the system and from one secret organization we grew each decade. What these young people-as young people in all civil rights struggles-need to remember is they started from where we brought them, taking risks they don’t have to. Which, come to think of it, is true of all Americans, who benefit from what the founders of this nation, and subsequent citizens have done to bring us to where we are today as we celebrate another 4th of July.

Billy Glover

Bossier City, Louisiana