Thursday, May 08, 2008

Apology to Our Subscribers

by Mark Gabrish Conlan, Editor/Publisher, Zenger's Newsmagazine

Those of you who sponsor or subscribe to the Zenger's print edition are probably wondering by now why you haven't yet received your copies of the May issue. Unfortunately, after we have been mailing the publication in its current format for 13 years, some anonymous Eichmann-esque bureaucrat at the United States Postal Service has decided to charge us 58 cents per copy postage (instead of the normal first-class rate, which we have been mailing under for 13 years) on the ground that since we don't send out the paper in sealed envelopes, it has to be sorted by hand rather than by machine and therefore we have to pay an additional fee for that.

I first received word of this on May 6, when I went to check our post office box in City Heights and received a card in our box that the mailing had been rejected. A day later I confronted the postmaster at City Heights over the rejection and was told that "someone at the plant" had decided — once again, after we have been mailing this way for 13 years — that feeding our paper through the sorting machine would be too risky and he or she wouldn't mail us without extorting extra postage from us. Apparently this mysterious "someone at the plant" either doesn't have a name or his or her name is a trade secret peons like us are not allowed to know.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that faceless, nameless bureaucrats in unaccountable organizations have tried to suppress this publication. I want to thank all my faithful Zenger's sponsors and subscribers over the years for their support for this publication and pledge that I will use every resource at my disposal to make sure it continues regardless of all official opposition. In the meantime I sincerely apologize for the delay in your receipt of the current issue, and plead for your patience.